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We are running a portfolio of cutting-edge projects and experiments with our community of partners, friends and collaborators. We have a particular focus on working with actors and organisations that bring new voices into our community. We believe that an open, vibrant and diverse community is the only way to make the change we need. For example, we are working with museums, artists, comedians, humanitarians, journalists, sports, graphic designers and more, to explore and bring attention to the many and varied actors in the climate action space.

Find out about our current projects and experiments below.

We Are Museums

Museums Facing Extinction





We Are Museums, as part of their Museums for Climate initiative, is partnering with EIT Climate-KIC’s Community Activation team to design a series of events. The pilot took place in November 2019, which you can read more about here.

The mission is to turn museums and their local communities into climate leaders, and to foster systemic changes towards a climate-resilient future.


Economics Sci-fi Seminar





Edgeryders held an Economics Sci-fi Seminar in Brussels in November 2019. The purpose of this seminar was to create a space for science fiction authors and economists to work together through a dedicated event, where experts and the general public, especially science fiction fans, could take part to imagine climate-resilient future(s).

Avocet Holding Kft.

Planet Super League





Avocet Holding kft is home to an initiative called Planet Super League. Their dream is to work with football club fan-bases and tap into the characteristics that drive this particular community (i.e. competition) to undertake climate-related behavioural change challenges. They are looking at whether this kind of endeavour can be funded by proceeds of sponsorship.

Dark Matter Laboratories

Trees as Infrastructure





Through the Trees as Infrastructure project, Dark Matter Laboratories are exploring the question: what if municipal accounting accounted for all the externalities of trees; rather than just maintenance costs, could you use that information to converge our value of the live-environment(s) and built-environment(s)? 

Dark Matter Laboratories

Smart Covenants

smart commons




The Smart Covenants experiment with Dark Matter Laboratories explores how advances in digital technologies and digital contracting, combined with granular property value data analytics and visualisation, could help to rewrite the conventional property deed, and as a result create platforms for more localised investment in public infrastructure. Could we all be owners of infrastructure?​​


Institute for Sound and Music




The Community Activation team held an exploratory event with the Institute of Sound and Music in Berlin (ISM) in December 2019.

The focus of the collaboration was the design, organisation and facilitation of an event focused on creative place-making and social impact of cultural institutions and their role within the context of a climate-resilient future.

Please see Video 1 and Video 2 for more information on ISM.

Olof Olsson

Consult the Performance Artist





Watch out! The performance artist is coming!

Clearly, fear is not working in communicating the acuteness of the climate crisis. Or is it? We have been working with the Danish-Dutch-Swedish performance artist Olof Olsson, to think about “What we talk about when we talk about the climate (and why we should laugh more while doing it)”. The brilliant pilot performance took place in November 2019, and we are currently working with Olof on continued collaborations for 2020.

Amatus GmbH






Amatus GmbH is home to an initiative called Revision, a peer-to-peer accountability network, with an annual immersive experience for goal-setting and answerability. They are facing a two-part question: can peer-to-peer accountability be an effective method for social impact? If so, how do we measure the vision of community and impact?​​


Data Dragon





Fagor is working on Data Dragon, a tool to manage large amounts of data employing deep listening for citizen engagement and real-time policy reactions. Fagor is one of the main cooperatives enterprises in the Debagoiena, Spain. The Valley cooperatives understand that what they have developed – over the past 60 years or so – is a distributed system of trust and accountability that could become a safe-home for meta-data in the future.